Applied Math Directory


Bóna, Miklós
LIT 440 (352) 294-2293
Discrete applied mathematics, combinatorics, mathematical biology
Block, Loius
LIT 478 (352) 294-2292
Dynamical systems, connections between dynamics and topology, one-dimensional dynamics, chaos theory.
Boyland, Philip
LIT 338 (352) 294-2294
Dynamical systems, chaotic fluid advection, fluid mixing, classical mechanics
Brooks, James
LIT 306 (352) 294-2296
Probability theory and stochastic processes; abstract processes in applied mathematics
Bubenik, Peter
LIT 410 (352) 294-2342
Topological data analysis, applied topology, and computational topology;combining ideas from algebraic topology, statistics, machine learning, algebra and category theory to develop new tools for analyzing data; applying these tools to data.
Cenzer, Douglas
LIT 306 (352) 294-2313
Computability and complexity, algorithmic randomness, mathematical logic, logic programming
Chen, Yunmei
LIT 486 (352) 294-2298
Nonlinear partial differential equations, convex  optimization techniques,  modeling and algorithms for image and data analysis.
Di Cerbo, Luca Fabrizio
LIT 476 (352) 294-4328
Geometry, Mathematical Finance
Glover, Joseph
Markov processes, potential theory, and martingales and their applications to asset modeling; wavelets and their applications to imaging science; semilinear partial differential equations and their application to suspension bridge oscillation problems
Groisser, David
LIT 308 (352) 294-2307
Applications of differential geometry to problems in imaging
Hager, William
LIT 462 (352) 294-2308
Numerical analysis, optimization, and optimal control with applications to modeling of lightning charge transport and MRI image reconstruction
Keesling, James
LIT 358 (352) 294-2312
Dynamical systems and chaos; fractal geometry; stochastic modeling; numerical analysis; queuing theory; biomathematical modeling of the spread of citrus greening (HLB) including a population model of the vector Diaphorina citri; biomathematical modeling of migration patterns of insect pests such as Spodoptera frugiperda; and, biomathematical modeling of the spread of dengue including a population model of the vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti.
Klauder, John (Emeritus)
Chaotic Dynamics; Quantum Theory; Coherent States; Quantum Optics; Path Integrals; Quantum Field Theory; Nonrenormalizable Models
Knudson, Kevin
Computational topology, topological analysis of large data sets, discrete Morse theory
Martcheva, Maia
LIT 469 (352) 294-2319
Mathematical Biology, Population Dynamics, Mathematical Epidemiology, Mathemtical Demography, Nonlinear PDEs, and Numerical Analysis
McCullough, Scott
LIT 490 (352) 294-2321
Free semialgebraic geometry and convex analysis. Free semialgebraic geometry is the study of matrix inequalities of the type that arise in control theory in problems governed by a signal flow diagram. These inequalities are independent of dimension and thus mathematically correspond to studying inequalities for polynomials in freely noncommuting variables. Of particular interests are matrix inequalities whose solution set is convex.
McKinley, Scott (Courtesy Assistant Professor)
Probability theory and applied stochastic processes, particularly pertaining to the study of movement in biological systems. Recent applications at the micro-scale include Passive Microrheology, Intracellular Transport and Mucosal Immunology; at the macro-scale, Movement Ecology.
Olson, Timothy
LIT 454 (352) 294-2325
Digital signal processing and imaging science, limited angle tomography technique for image formation
Pilyugin, Sergei
LIT 458 (352) 294-2326
Differential equations and dynamical systems with applications into mathematical biology/mathematical modeling; theory of competition/chemostat models; theoretical immunology and dynamics of the cell cycle
Pollock, Sara
LIT 444 (352) 273-5555
Numerical analysis, scientific computation, adaptive finite element and multiscale methods, nonlinear solvers and acceleration techniques, nonlinear elliptic PDE.
Rao, Murali
LIT 494 (352) 294-2327
Probability, potential theory, wavelets, and medical imaging, including a the development of new methods for PET image formation
Rong, Libin
LIT 419 (352) 294-2394
Mathematical biology, specifically virus dynamics, theoretical immunology and epidemiology.
Shabanov, Sergei
LIT 418 (352) 294-2330
Scattering of electromagnetic waves and nanophotonics. Navier-Stokes equations and applications to laser-induced plasmas. Path integrals and nonperturbative methods in gauge theories.
Sin, Peter
LIT 432 (352) 294-2332
Discrete Mathematics, error-correcting codes, linear algebra.
Vatter, Vince
LIT 412 (352) 294-2338
Combinatorics and graph theory
Vince, Andrew
LIT 438 (352) 294-2339
Discrete mathematics; also network algorithms with application to scheduling and flows, combinatorial optimization and linear programming problems, fractal geometry and self similar phenomena, polytopes and tilings, and quasicrystals and long range aperiodic order.
Wilson, David

LIT 330
Medical image analysis, decomposition methods for parallel computing, and the development of image deblurring methods: since 1987 has worked on automatic identification of the epicardial and endocardial borders of the heart in 2-D echocardiographic images