CAM HiPerGator Access

To all Mathematics faculty and graduate students:

We are pleased to announce that the Center for Applied Mathematics has purchased 16 Normalized Compute Units (NCU) and one T. Long-term Storage Unit (LSU) on the HiPerGator. These resources are available for use by Math Dept faculty and grad students for the next five years.

To apply please send the following to both and

1. A description of your computing project, its current state, and why it requires the use of the HiPerGator.

2. If you are a grad student, a note from your advisor supporting this project.

After your application is approved by CAM you will receive instructions on how to open a HiPerGator account.


A. Users are subject to all HiPerGator regulations, in particular, HiPerGator may only be used for UF research, absolutely no personal use. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant guidelines from before applying to CAM.

B. All use of the primary HiPerGator cluster is by submission of batch jobs. No interactive use is allowed. Therefore, your code should be developed and run on a PC before you apply to CAM.

C. CAM provides access to the HiPerGator, but we are not in a position to provide support after your account is created. Note that Computing Resources has extensive support services.